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RM KL200
RM KL200RM KL200RM KL200

RM KL200

Ref:  07KL200
Brand:  RM

Weight:  406g



Product information

RM KL200 linear amplifier is a high power all mode burner with automatic TX/RX switching and ON/OFF switch, also incorporates AM/FM or SSB mode switch.

Please Note: This is for use on amateur radio frequencies only.


  • Frequency Range: 25-30 MHz
  • Modes: AM/FM or SSB
  • Input Power: 1-5 W AM/FM, 2-10 W SSB
  • Output Power: 100 W max. AM/FM, 200 W SSB
  • Current Drain: 8-11 amps
  • Power Supply: 13.8V DC
  • Size: 109mm (w) x 35mm (h) x 125mm (d)