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Sirio Snake M6 | Volvo / Scania
 Sirio Snake M6 | Volvo / ScaniaSirio Snake M6 | Volvo / Scania 

Sirio Snake M6 | Volvo / Scania

Ref:  12VOLSNAKE27
Brand:  Sirio

Weight:  135 g



Product information

A short antenna with impressive performance.

Tunning rings on coil. Simply twist the rings for the lowest SWR.

Made to fit Volvo & Scania vehicle mounts.



Power Handling: 10 Watts continuous, 40 Watts short time
Length: 1.12m
Coil Length: 80mm
Coil Diameter: 20mm
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Frequency: 26.5 - 27.4 MHz (Tunable)
SWR: 1:1.2
Whip: 17.7 ph Stainless Steel