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Thunderpole Twin Trucker Mirror Kit
 Thunderpole Twin Trucker Mirror KitThunderpole Twin Trucker Mirror Kit 

Thunderpole Twin Trucker Mirror Kit

Ref:  12090TWIN
Bar Code:  5052009004263
Brand:  Thunderpole

Weight:  1.50 kg



Product information

This twin trucker kit comes with everything you need for a twin antenna set up on a vehicle.  The cable is a 75 Ohm co-phase harness, specifically for use on twin antenna set ups.  The antennas are Thunderpole Mini Orbitors and they come complete with two mirror bar mounts, which can be mounted on mirror arms or metal bars. 

Please note: Twin antennas ideally need to be 9 feet apart, if they are any closer together then the performance will be affected.


■ 2x Mini Orbitors

■ 2x Right Angle Mirror Mounts

Co-Phase Harness

   Made in Great Britain