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4x Microfibre Cloth | Assorted Colours
 4x Microfibre Cloth | Assorted Colours4x Microfibre Cloth | Assorted Colours 

4x Microfibre Cloth | Assorted Colours

Ref:  CLEANBR320140
Bar Code:  5060211772986

Weight:  173g



Product information

4 different microfibre cloths -  Wash & Dry Cloth; Window & Mirror Cloth; Upholstery Cloth; Cockpit & Dash Cloth

The Microfibre cloth is no ordinary cloth, made from a unique microfibre fabric it is extremely absorbent and very strong. It can absorb many times its own weight in liquid and can support the weight of a 15 stone man without tearing! Whats more, the Microfibre cloth can clean wet or dry. Ideal for cleaning the inside and outside of any vehicle.


■ Strong, Versatile and Effective

■ Ideal for cleaning inside and outside

■ 100% Machine Washable

■ Dimensions - 38cm x 33cm (15"x13")