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WD-40 | 420 ml
 WD-40 | 420 mlWD-40 | 420 ml 

WD-40 | 420 ml

Ref:  25-WD1008
Bar Code:  5032227440340

Weight:  425g



Product information

The WD-40 Smart Straw Aerosol 420ml features a permanently attached straw, ideal for delivering the WD-40 quickly and efficiently and ensures that you never loose your straw again.

Simply flip the straw up for a precision stream, perfect for those hard to reach jobs and fold it down for a regular wide spray action, ideal to cover a larger surface area.


■ 420ml aerosol with a permanently attached straw

■ Stops squeaks; Drives out moisture; Cleans and protects

■ Loosens rusted parts;Frees sticky mechanisms

■ Aerosol spray with straw