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Astatic Co-Phase Harness
Astatic Co-Phase HarnessAstatic Co-Phase HarnessAstatic Co-Phase Harness

Astatic Co-Phase Harness

Ref:  17100QPL259
Bar Code:  093642003195

Weight:  625g



Product information

Military Co-phase harness used for connecting two antennas to one radio in a twin antenna setup.

1 x PL259 connection with 2 x 2.74m leads also terminated in PL259 plugs.

Please note: Antennas must be at least 8 feet apart and radiation pattern will be affected. Contact us for more details.


  • RG59U Military Spec Cable
  • Molded Ends & Soldered Connectors
  • 2.74 Metres x 2
  • PL259 Connections