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ArmorAll Clean-up Wipes | 15

ArmorAll Clean-up Wipes | 15

Ref:  CLEAN38015EN

Weight:  350 g



Product information

'Armor All Clean-up Wipes' are the quick and easy way to clean your vehicle fabric, upholstery, carpets and mats. The extra strength wipes can also be used for cleaning vinyl, rubber and plastic. 'Armor All Clean-up wipes' are specially formulated to remove tough ground-in dirt without damaging, drying out, or fading your vehicles surfaces. For added protection and shine on plastic and vinyl, use 'Armor All Dashboard Wipes - Gloss Finish'.


■ One-Step Cleaning

■ Safe for All Vehicle Surfaces

■ Great for Tough Ground-in Dirt

■ Cleans Upholstery, Fabrics, Carpets and Mats