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Cockpit Spray - 225ml | 5x Fragrances | 20 Pcs

Cockpit Spray - 225ml | 5x Fragrances | 20 Pcs

Ref:  CLEAN068145X20
Bar Code:  8711252068145

Weight:  2.18 kg



Product information

Cockpit Spray which is also a long lasting air freshner. This Cockpit Spray instantly restores all interior plastic, rubber & vinyl surfaces to original pristine condition.

At the same time, the slow release fragrance steadily adds a light, refreshing fragrance that will keep your interior smelling great.


  • Restores your vehicle interior
  • Adds a shine to your dash
  • Great smelling fragrance
  • Silicone based
  • 20x 225ml Cans
  • 5x Fragrances